Dissemination and Education

Dissemination of Research Results

  • The RIPPA Forum: At this forum, the latest results of research on pension plans and fund management are introduced, and they feature keynote speakers followed by panel discussions.
  • Pension Fund Management Seminars: These public seminars are held to educate people on the latest developments in pension fund management.
  • Special Courses in Corporate Fund Management: These courses offer straightforward instruction on important aspects of fund management to those who hold positions of responsibility for managing the funds collected in the corporate pensions, which are contributing members of this institute. They provide an opportunity for corporate fund managers and others to form a more solid understanding of their work.

Education on Public Pensions and Social and Economic Conditions

  • Lectures on Current Social and Economic Conditions: These lectures feature economists and university professors who discuss the social and economic conditions that impact pensions. The purpose is to foster a deeper understanding of problems with pensions and their causes.
  • Symposiums: Symposiums feature a keynote speaker followed by a panel discussion and serve to educate the broad public on issues related to pension plans.

Pension Life Plan (PLP) Seminars

  • PLP Seminars are composed of lectures and exercises to plot retirement design, to understand the pension and other social security systems and to anticipate household economic conditions. These are useful opportunities for those who are getting on the retirements.
  • The institute not only holds PLP Seminars but also support companies and pension funds which wish to hold such seminars for their own workers and members. The institute brings along lecturers for PLP Seminars.

Promotion and Dissemination of Theoretical Research on Pension Plans and Fund Management

  • Publication of Aging and Pension Investment: The institute publishes this journal on pension and fund management to promote theoretical research on pension plans and pension fund management. The editorial committee is comprised of experts from different fields, including pensions, employment, and fund management. The committee sets the theme and decides on the content for each issue, and maintains the standards appropriate for a research journal while at the same keeping the content timely and accessible to the general public.
  • Web Journal Japan Pension Review: This features academic papers and monographs through the refereed examination on the application basis. At this moment, materials written in Japanese are acceptable.
  • RIPPA Pension Report: This carries various research results and opinions of the researchers belonging to the institute.